• Austerlitz

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There are places in Europe that have remained as painful memories of the past - factories where humans were turned into ash. These places are now memorial sites that are open to the public and receive thousands of tourists every year. The film's title refers to the eponymous novel written by W.G. Sebald, dedicated to the memory of Holocaust. This film is an observation of the visitors to a memorial site that has been founded on the territory of a former concentration camp. Why do they go there? What are they looking for?

Sergey Loznitsa
Sergey Loznitsa

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Filmkrant 4 / 5 · Kom vanavond met verhalen over hoe we herdenken Door Dana Linssen

Rondom de 4 mei herdenking is de documentaire Austerlitz in diverse filmtheaters te zien. Regisseur Sergei Loznitsa bezocht de voormalige concentratiekampen Dachau en Sachsenhausen en maakt van elk shot een monument voor contemplatie.

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